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Gourmet Experience

Welcome to our gourmet club

Belonging to the Club you can experience the sensations of color, aroma and taste that wine evokes. You can discover an adventure through our dining experience. Guests can also enjoy our offerings in pairing menus, our exclusive food and wine trips and a host of activities related to the world of wine and good food.

III Ruta de la Manzanilla y el Tapeo de Sanlúcar

Ésta es una iniciativa promovida y organizada por la Administración Local, en concreto por la Delegación de Fomento de Empresas y el Patronato Municipal de Turismo, habiendo contado con la colaboración del Consejo Regulador de las DD.OO. Jerez y Manzanilla de Sanlúcar, con la Asociación Rutas del Vino y Brandy del Marco de Jerez y de un amplio sector empresarial hostelero y bodeguero, participando en la Ruta 29 bares y restaurantes y 8 bodegas de Sanlúcar.

Más acerca de III Ruta de la Manzanilla y el Tapeo de Sanlúcar

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Gourmet Spaces

Come to our gourmet spaces, places designed to enjoy a unique experience in which the protagonist is you.

The hand of our best restaurateurs, you can discover the indescribable flavors in endless gastronomic delights and wine, remember the more traditional kitchen converted into an explosion of innovative creativity, participate in our tasting sessions, daring the proposals more appealing and attractive participating in our menus blind, ...

Our gourmet experiences are made for your palate.

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Promotions appetizer

Take advantage of the facilities we offer to meet our destinations last minute discounts, special promotions, gifts, gourmet ...

To be a gourmet does not mean being expensive, we invite you to visit us without having to do too much:

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Create your Gourmet Diary

Organize. Plan your trip with the help of our diary. Includes all establishments, activities, events, ... where you would like to participate.

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Gourmet Destinations

Find out where they are grown and raised our best kept secrets: spices, seasonings, wine, vegetables, legumes, ...

And so you do not stay with honey on the lips, a range of opportunities to learn something different and unique awaits you in our land: winery tours guided by the winemaker himself, playing in vineyards, horse shows, photo whitewashed streets with a great architectural heritage, themed museums, specialty shops with the best products of the earth, caves, endless, catamaran trips, ...

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